Friday, 11 April 2014

Training weeks and Wobbles

So where have I been?  That is a very good question as the last time I post a training post it was week 3 and now I am on week 7, wow 7

So from weeks 4 – 6 this have gone ok.  I had a week off as we were away and I have had an injury brewing.  That said we did do some hiking when we were away at we did a lovely 10 mile hike around lake Derwant. I wish I has some pictures but in all honestly the weather was beyond shocking.  It rained hard every day apart from the day we walked the lake, that day it blew a gale, hence walking round it and not fell walking. 

So I came back from a week away and had a good few steady session with nothing really to report.  Week 5 started off really good as I have joined a group of hard core swimmers.  We warmed up by doing 32 lengths (I managed 28 lengths) then we did a drill session.  I loved it.  My fav was 4 lengths of one arm strokes and I really liked it.  I have continued to swim with them on a Monday night and am feeling hard core.

On the Wednesday I went  for a run with the club and it didn’t go to plan.  It is a funny story sort off.

We planned to do  a 5 mile loop.  We set off and I felt good so was at the back of the middle group but at a road crossing I got left behind so joined the slow group.  Once we hit the hill I left the slow group and over took (yes me, overtaking) two stragglers of the middle group.  We were going along some country lanes and I could see the middle group ahead of me.  I followed them safe in the knowledge that the slower people were behind me.  I followed them and then all of a sudden they were gone.   I got to a row of houses and couldn’t see a soul and no one behind me so freaked out I turned back.   I didn’t come across the slow group so thought I had gone really wrong.  I ended up just heading back to the meeting point the way I know.  I was the last one back and they were starting to worry about me.  it turned out that the slow group had thought I was with the middle group and the middle group thought I was with the slow group.  The slow group and stragglers  took a short cut and that was why I never saw them and I was going the right way.  If I had passed the row of houses the road would have turned right and back down to where I needed to be.  Lesson learnt never go on my own and always make sure the group knows you are with them.  I forgot my watch but wish I had it with me as I would love to know how far and how fast I was going as I gave it some welly!!

I went on map my run after and I did  7.5 miles.   I was so pleased with myself as I know I have done one of my practise 10k and more!

So here we are at week 7 and I will try to blog each week from here on in as it is 13 weeks till race day!

I mentioned before about a brewing injury and now my glutes and leg muscles are tight and sore.  I bought a foam roller and have been giving that a go.  I have also been stretching and after Tuesday this week I have had to cut back on running.

Sunday – Long Run

I planned a long run of at least 6 miles but I really didn’t feel great and my leg started tweaking so stopped at mile 5.  Later that day I really felt ill.

Monday – Run and Swim

I did 3.5 mile run at lunch time but felt ill all day so didn’t go swimming.  I felt it was a waste of time as I just had no energy, instead I has an early night and for once I slept through.

Tuesday – Cycle and Run

I got up bright and early and cycled on my exercise bike, light and fast for 45 minutes.  I then foam rolled and boy does that thing hurt.

I didn’t run as I was advised to give running a rest.

Wednesday – Club run

Well like I  said I was giving running a miss but planned an early morning bike session.  Weirdly my alarm failed and I slept in.  So it turned into a unplanned rest day.  I also won a back kneck and shoulder massage and went for that on Wednesday.  It was amazing and i was holding alot of tension in my lower back so after it felt tender but so good.

Thursday Swim and run        

All done.  My leg felt so much better and after running so the unplanned rest day appears to have been the best choice.

Friday – Run and Spin

This is all planned and am looking forward to it.

Week 7 also saw me purchase a tri suit. Super scary, they look so small. I was scared to try it on as it is tight but it looked better than I though.

Week 7 also brought with it self-doubt at my training and ability.  I know that not feeling well and my leg hurting has added to this but I am not going to lie, I have found this week hard physically and mentally.  I did go on Tri world forum and it has helped immensely.   They reassured me that I am doing more than most for their first ever sprint tri and that I MUST get out on my baby and soon.

This weekend the plan is to relax on Saturday or swim ;) and get out on my bike on Sunday.  It is only 3 weeks till 10k so not sure if I should run or cycle but my bike is calling my name!

Are you training for anything and have to had any wobbles?

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