Wednesday, 9 April 2014

WIAW #46

It is that time of week again and I just really enjoy looking at what everyone choices to eat.

Peas and Crayons

I have been missing for a few weeks as I have been away and had a little break away.  We had a lovely week away at the lake district but it rained the whole time.   I would like to say that I am feeling refreshed and re-motivated, which would be good as it is only 3 months to my first ever tri but the truth is this week my confidence is shaky.  I really need to do a post on training and I will.

So down to business

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with mushroom.

Mid morning snacks of grapes

Lunch was a very tasty salad in a jar mmmmm

For dinner I decided to make my first ever turkey mince chilli.  I was worried about it as I am not a lover of mince and my hubby was not keen on turkey so was not sure. 

Anyway it was lovely.

I also made some cauliflower rice to go with it.

I made too much and ended up leaving some and need to work on the flavour a bit.


Spring is defo in the air here but we have had six days of mist and damp weather and it is depressing.  I did manage to snap some gorgeous blossom this morning.

I will post later this week on my training as although I am having a wobble I am actually working really hard (or hard in my book!)

Have you tried any new recipes and they have surprised you at how tasty they are?

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