Monday, 25 June 2012

Another Wet Weekend

Well before I start on my weekend post I have to share that I lost 1lb this week.  Not such a big deal you would think but it finally gets me under the 10 stone bracket and I am sooooo happy.  I now weigh 139lb and it made my day!  I have really been battling with my weight for the last 10 months after gaining about a stone last year after my wedding.  I used to always hover around the 126 – 130lb mark.  In January I joined a slimming club and to be honest things didn’t go well.  Before Christmas I was 143lb and after Christmas I had gone up to 147lb.  It may not seem loads but it is for my 5ft 2.5inch frame.  I battled for months losing the odd pound now and then and got back to 143lb at the end of May.  I decided enough was enough and ditched the club and started on my own and have now lost 4lb and finally feeling good about myself and as if I am on the right track.  I think it is a big psychological boost to get into the 9 stone bracket again.

Wow that was longer then I intended it to be but I am so happy.

So my weekend antics. 

Saturday we went to Richmond in North Yorkshire and some how we missed the rain but it was not the brightest day.  We had a look around the market place and had our lunch in a lovely little café before heading down the river for a nice walk.  We had never seen the river so high and full.  A child looking at it thought it was a river of cola!
Fizzy Cola!

The dogs have little England scarves on!

I bought some lovely things to try in various shops in Richmond.

I had read about teapigs but never seen them until Saturday.  I picked the lemongrass bags and my husband picked lemon and ginger.  We have tried them and they are lovely.  Really fresh tasting.  There are expensive but nice for a treat. 

I also got some slim mate tea as it sounded tasty and it is.

My best find was some chickpea flour.  I have been looking all over for it and finally found some in a little health shop tucked away in Richmond.  I am planning on making a pizza with it.  I will let you know how I get on.

I also bought some coconut water to try after hearing so many good things about it.  To be honest I was not really very keen on the flavour and not sure I could drink it when exercising.  Also it is really expensive. 
 Sunday was a much more chilled out day.  The weather was insane, hot and sunny one minute and then torrential rain.  No wonder there has been so much flooding, it had never stopped raining and it is supposed to be summer!  We visited family and finally decided on a new tent that we are going to purchase.   We are both off work soon and wanted to go camping but our current tent is a nightmare as it was so small and cold.  I am just hoping the new one comes in time. 

We watched England play football last night but they lost to Italy on penalties.  The better team won but it was a shame it had to go to penalties.

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