Wednesday, 1 June 2016


June is here and I don’t really know where the year has gone so far.  It has been a busy one so far and filled with a lot of assignments and research.  I always knew it would be a challenge but boy this has been something else.  I trying very hard to find a balance.    Today seems me start a new job – exciting and scary

So June is here and so is my plan to make life easier.  I did the whole 30 on October 2014 and did me good. I must admit that I thought it was last October but realise it was the October before!!  I am not going fully down the whole 30 plan but I am cleaning my act up.  No more sneaky sweets, crisps and chocolate for me.  Welcome back clean, homemade food that nourishes and not hurts me.

Bring it on June.

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