Monday, 2 September 2013

Hello September

Hello September and oh how I love you.  As much as I love the summer months of long hot days there is just something comforting and beautiful about Autumn. I do like the change of all the seasons but must admit that Autumn is most definitely my favourite season on the year.  I love how the trees change colour and delicious food available.  I like the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night and how that leads to the countdown to Christmas.

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First things first this weekend and how I saw September arrive. My hubby and I went out with some friends for an amazing Thai meal and cocktails.  For some reason my phone played up so no pictures – boo hoo. 

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We had a lovely night out and Sunday was busy as we ended up buying a new mattress and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

As I have set my challenges for the next year (my years are birthday to birthday or at least it is this year) I really need to start preparing for it now.  I am going to research and follow a training plan for the Triathlon in July but want to start making some steps now.  I have decided to make a fitness schedule for September and stick to it.  I am having an issue with fitting spinning in and might swap the days around.  My aim is 3 runs per week, one swim session and one spin session.  Followed by either a long run or bike ride at the weekend. I am struggling to know what to concentrate on at the moment as I know as the months draw in it will be hard to cycle on the roads but I will be fine to run.  I am not sure but here is this week’s training schedule.

Lunch Run
Lunch Run
WW Class
Lunch Run
Lunch out
Long run or bike ride

My other aims for September

Stick to training aims!
Have one completely clean eating day a week – I should have been today but ate a jelly sweet!
Say yes to every social thing I am asked to do
Lose 4lb for girlie weekend
Look for a winter 10k to take part in
Organise and autumn clean our house – it’s a tip!
Start learning how to use a sewing machine
Try and sell my first crochet scarf
Cook a new meal

What are your aims and plans for the month?

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