Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Well here we are again at WIAW And I just love it and look forward to it each week.  I love picking random blogs and sneaking a peak. If you aer doing that too, I hope you have as much fun as me.
Peas and Crayons

To be honest this week I have been dreadful at taking pics and my camera played up.

I am pleased that so far this week I am keeping to my September schedule. But without further a due here are my fav meals.

Breakfast I have been enjoying oats and topping with fruit and my fav is grapes and strawberries.

For lunch my fav has been left over roast chicken salad.

Dinner was a tasty Spanish Omelette with Asparagus and salad.

Snacks have been my usual fruit but a curly whirly crept in!!

So weight wise this week was a 1lb lose. First of my holiday gained weight  lost.

I took this picture of some eye shadows that were recommended in the weight watchers magazine.  I have tried them but they sounds really good.

Happy September and how is your September going?

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