Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday feeling!

Another week has flown over and before I know it is going to be September!  I love Autumn in fact I think it is my favourite time of the year. 

So this week I have found myself just getting back into the rhyme after our holiday.  I still need to sort the pics out and do a post (bad blogger!).  This is a picture from my brother in law.

So this week’s training has not been great if I am honest but getting back into the swing.

Weekend – Long hike
Monday – bank holiday fun

Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – walk
Thursday – run and swim
Friday – unsure.

I am making a schedule for September training but it is hard as just found out the spinning class I really wanted to start again has been cancelled.  Gutted.

I have made a few nice and different meals this week and last night was lovely.  Roasted sweet peppers stuffed with Feta cheese with roasted sweet potato and butter nut squash.
Not the best picture but yummy dinner ;)
I have a great weekend planned and really looking forward to it.  Saturday I hope to start the day with a long run and then we are going to work on the garden.  We are meeting friends and going out for dinner to a Thai restaurant on Saturday night and have a few drink.  I am really looking forward to it.  Not sure what Sunday will bring but I would like a relaxing bay if possible.

Birthday reflections

Most people at the beginning of the year make resolutions but they really don’t work for me so after some reflection I have decided to set some birthday goals instead that I would like to achieve before my next birthday.  Here they are

Hike 3 peaks at  Catbells  - Done

Run the Blaydon Race
Do a Triathlon (this is the big one!)
Run the Gateshead 10k
Picture from this years run
Complete the Aqualthon
Hike more

The big one is the Triathlon and the main focus.  It is something I have wanted to do for years but not really put effort into it.  Now I have one in site and am waiting for it to open to tell you more.  That said it is an open sea swim that scares the living day lights out of me!

Do you set goals? 

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