Wednesday, 22 April 2015

WIAW # 54

Not sure how these weeks are flying so fast but here we are again on WIAW thanks to Peas andCrayons.

Breakfast is so yummy.  I had overnight oats that was oats mixed with yogurt and frozen fruit.  You leave it overnight and stir it up and enjoy.  I was so tasty.

Lunch – I made the biggest jacket potatoes ever and had one with tuna and salad, very yum.

Dinner – Was a very tasty Spanish omelette.  I used cooked potatoes and sliced them then coated them with spice.  It was lovely.

Training is going good this week.  I am really loving the turbo trainer and so pleased we got it.  I love that I can do hill and sprint sessions and sweating, oh my goodness I have never sweated so much!  Is this too much info?  Sorry but I am a sharer!
On Monday I was following the Hungry Runner Girl as she completed the Boston Marathon and so pleased for her.  She is amazing and such an inspiration.

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