Monday, 20 April 2015

Weardale Triathlon

Good news, I’m in the Weardale triathlon

Yes I got the great news over the weekend that I am in the sprint triathlon on Sunday 14th June.  I am so happy and now the real hard work begins.  We are going to have  look up and go on the cycle route in a few weeks’ time and see how we get on as we have heard it is challenging or should I say blummin hilly.

So last week’straining went well.  I did miss my run on Tuesday as my hip was giving me jip but it was the right thing to do as it is feeling so much better.  In addition to my plan I did my first ever run , swim, run on Saturday morning. 

The plan was to run 2 miles to the gym, swim 32 length and run/walk home depending on my legs.  I set off nice and early and carrying the minimal I could.  I packed a long-sleeved top to wear on the way back in case I ended up walking.  I just wasn’t sure what I was capable of.   I should have put more layers on to begin with as I was freezing when I set off.  In fact I was freezing the whole 2 miles and felt like I was running like a robot!  I was so cold but on the plus side the pool felt lovely and warm!  I didn’t enjoy the run at all and was questioning what I had decided to do.  The swim however was great and I really enjoyed it.  I could have stayed longer but decided to go after the 32 lengths.  I just didn’t know what my limit was and didn’t want to overdo it.  I put the extra layer on and wow what a difference.  My hips and legs felt loose and light and I really enjoyed the run home.  I think I could have even gone a little further.  This going to be happening again.

So here we are at week 3 (8 weeks to go)

Sunday  - Bike (big fat fail)
Monday – Run and swim
Tuesday  - turbo trainer for 40 minutes and possible run depending on hip
Wednesday – turbo trainer hill session
Thursday  - Swim and run
Friday – Turbo and run.
Saturday  - possible run, swim, run but need to make sure I have a rest day.

Have you done anything that you have surprised yourself at recently?

Good luck to the Boston Marathon runners.

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