Friday, 23 January 2015

Hello 2015

When I think of 2014 and I can’t quite believe what I have achieved.  Nothing earth shattering or what some would think is that exciting but to me it was huge.

For years now I have wanted to do the Great North Run, half marathon and completed a triathlon.  Neither did I think was ever possible. I never had the confidence to believe I could do it and I didn’t always have people around me to support me.  Then January came and so did some confidence. 

I bit the bullet and enter the Ponteland Triathlon believing I had time to train and be ready.  I read advice and training plans and most helpful of all I asked question on a triathlon board.  They listened and really helped by answering all of my silly questions.  Then just after I entered that I got an email to say I had got a place in the ballet for the Great North Run (GRN).  I was terrified but determined.   I also entered other less challenging events throughout the year but those were my biggies. 

The Triathlon was in July and I started training (after a chest infection) in February.  I made a plan and I stuck to it.  I never missed a training date unless it could be rescheduled for that week.  What was I more important was that I enjoyed it and worked hard.  I started to swim with a group once a week and that really helped.  I felt focussed and driven something I thought I would never feel.   Before the event I was nervous and started doubting myself asking; what it I was last, what if everyone was super fit and they were closing the finish line before I finished, what if I got a flat tyre and so on.  I couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I was nowhere near last and for my swim I was actually 3rd fastest for my ages group (very proud of that).  The weather was shocking and I had never cycled in the rain (bouncing rain) but I loved it and the run was not very scenic but was easy going.  I hesitate to say I could have done more.  I loved it and am hooked.  It was amazing and I have talked a few people into doing at least one this year.

The GRN was a whole different kettle of fish.  As soon as I finished the Triathlon I had to focus on distance running.  This does not come naturally to me and I found it really challenging.  I ran with a wonderful little running club and couldn’t have done it without them, especially Andy.  On the day I ran with Natalie and she really made all the difference.  I loved it.  As I rounded the last corner and realised I had about a mile and a half to go, I was so emotional as I realised I could do it.  I honestly thought beforehand that I would never do it.  All I wanted to run it all and I ran it all, enjoyed it all and honestly never hit the wall or anything like that.  I would 100% do it again. It was amazing and all those weeks of hard work paid off.  Amazing.

So what about 2015, well I had big plans but never in a 100 years did I think my college life would take over like it has so it means I need to be realistic and not out too much pressure on myself.  I am itching to get a wetsuit and start swimming outside.  I am not sure that is going to happen as I am not sure I have the time to commit to it.  That said the aim is to do 3 pool triathlons this year and I even have my eyes set on three.  The only down side is the crazy cost of them.  That said I am excited. I will also be taking part in a few 10k’s along the way starting with my first in March.  So bring it on 2015, I can’t wait.

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