Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What to do??

What to do this year is such a dilemma when money is tight and race entries are expensive.  I am currently trying to decide what events to enter this year.  As my time and money is scares at the moment I need to think about exactly what I want to do.  I am definitely going to take part in two triathlon’s and a few 10k’s this year and just need to decide which ones.  I think I will be keeping to pool swims and hopefully get a wetsuit this year and next year I can start my outside swimming adventure. 

I also need to get back into all of my training as one of the triathlon’s that I fancy is in June which is 14 weeks away so  no time to lose.

I really love swimming and have really neglected it while the pool was closed but I am getting back into it

Need to get this bad boy on!!
This week’s training plan

Monday – Run and Swim
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Swim
Friday – Run
Saturday and Sunday – Not sure yet but easing myself in!

I have also started eating better as the pounds have been creeping on.  I will keep you posted on my choices and training. 
Anyone got a tip for getting back on track?


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