Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Where have i been???!!!

Where on earth have I been?!!

Well life seems to have got really crazy busy for me and juggling has been somewhat a nightmare.  I am working on getting some balance back in my life at the moment.

Quick update on the Whole 30 - I finished it and can honestly say I  really enjoyed it.  I lost inches and 7lb so was really pleased.  I did really miss having a glass of wine on a weekend but really that was it. I defo ate better and felt better.  That said I have not really kept it up.  No excuses really just super busy.

I started a degree in September and really it has been none stop.  I am loving it but juggling, full time work, study and home life has been hard.  I hope to blog a little more.

Here are pictures of what I have been up too since October.  I really can't believe we are in 2015 and i haven't posted in so long.  That will change.

Halloween with the girls

 My neice turned 4.

Annual family party night

School Nativity


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