Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Two Weeks till GNR

Another week closer to the Great North Run and I am feeling a little less scared but scared none the less!  A half marathon will be the longest distance I have ever ran and I am not sure how I am feeling about it.  I have repeatedly been told that I will  love it and I really hope I will.  I am not sure distance running is for me or if I will do another half but I have managed more than I ever thought possible.  I am not and never will be a natural runner but I have been surprised so far at what I have managed. 

So last week’s training was not bad at all.

  • Monday started with the usual run and swim
  • Tuesday was a lunch run
  • Wednesday, club run.  We set off and from the word go I struggled and couldn’t work out why. It wasn’t until I was 3 miles in that I realised it was because I had been going uphill the whole time!  We covered 6 miles and 4 were up hill.  No wonder I struggled. 
  • Thursday was my birthday so I started the day with a really lovely swim.  In fact the whole day was really lovely.

  • Friday was lunch run and it was lovely.

Bank Holiday weekend was so nice.

Saturday I had a little shop and checked out the new shops near me. I also did the weekly shop as we were invited to my sisters for a bbq on the Sunday.

Sunday started with a run with club.  I have not ran with them on a morning before so was a little apprehensive.  When I got there we were very few in numbers and I ended going out with a  group of 3.  The guy leading us was hung over so decided that he needed to run hard to get over it and picked the hardest route he knew.  It almost broke me!!  Our aim was 10 miles but we ended up just shy of 9 but the route was Very hilly and brutal.  We did however cover some beautiful views.  I have been  told that as it was so hard I could add on a couple of miles for the effort alone.  Bonus.

This is the gates to Witton Castle that i had to pee near!
I was shattered afterwards and we went to my sisters for a bbq and it was lovely.

Bank Holiday Monday was a truly lazy day and we decided to go to Durham for a walk and blow the cobwebs away!

How was your weekend?

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