Tuesday, 12 August 2014

3.5 weeks till GNR

Only 3.5 weeks to go now and I am starting to feel a little calmer about it all. I have been told by so  many people that the Great North Run, half marathon is the best and that I will love it.

Last week we had a lovely camping week at the beautiful lake district near lake Ullswater.  So training that week consisting of walking, eating and having the odd drink or two.

This weekend gone we were back home and went for afternoon tea to the hotel we got Married in for my mother in laws birthday and it was beyond lovely.  It was fantastic being back and it brought amazing memories back.  I want to go back just the two of us as it means so much to me.

I have been so worried about it all but when my number arrived a felt strangely calm and excited about it and thought to myself, I can and will do this. 

I woke up on Sunday a little later than planned and had some oats before hitting the road.  I wanted to hit 8 miles at least but as my hip is just on the mead I decided to take it easy and see where it took me.  I set of nice and easy and soon got into my stride.  Somehow I managed a fab 9 miles. Half way through I felt my energy sap a bit but I just can’t stomach energy drinks or gels at the moment. No idea why.  In fact I might have ran more but my Garmin was playing up for the first mile that it told me it took 17 minutes to complete.  I am slow but not that slow!!

So we are only at Tuesday and last night I managed a great drill session in the pool and today I am having a lunch time run.  I am looking forward to it but the weather does not look good. 

I cannot express how much my trainers have changed my running enjoyment.  It is so much better and my hip pain has almost gone.  My physio has given me exercises as my right side is much weaker than my left and once levelled out I should see much improvement.

What are you training for and how is the training going?

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