Friday, 25 July 2014

WHAT 6 weeks!!

Oh my goodness in  all the excitement of the Triathlon I had totally miscounted the weeks until the my first ever half marathon and now it is only 6 weeks away! I am crapping myself.  I am more scared about this then the Triathlon I did. 

I have mentioned before that my hip has been playing up and I have now started seeing a physio.  One of the first things she said was that my trainers were rubbish and needed to be changed asap.  She told me that my old ones where too rigid, not supportive and the heal was far too hard.  With new knowledge of the sort of shoe I need we headed to a local family run sports shop and was recommended some lovely Brooks Adrenalines.   I did freak a little at the cost as I have never spent some much money on trainers.  I am now starting a saving tin for just trainers!

I have been tried them twice now including running over some dreaded fields and have no hip pain – yay.  My thighs are aching but that’s it.  I am so impressed.  My flat arches actually feel supported.  It is only early days but I really can’t believe that I had a pain free run in them.

So we are 6 weeks to go on Sunday and training is in full swim

This week’s training is as follow

Monday – Run and Swim

3.5 mile run in my shiny new trainers and all was good although it was very hot.  Swimming on the other hand was not good.  As soon as I out my goggles on I knew I felt weird and sure enough after  15 minutes I had a headache.  I lasted 45 minutes but had to get out as my head was bouncing in the end.  I was really frustrated as really enjoying swimming at the moment.

Tuesday – Rest

I decided to have an easy day as I really didn’t feel too good.

Wednesday – Club run

It was a bright blue sunny evening and really hot.  We set of nice and steady and I managed a slow 6.5 miles.  The heat really took a lot out of me but to have no hip pain was fantastic.

Thursday – Swim

Early morning swim and it was lovely and refreshing. The plan was to take it easy as I had not been feeling 100% but once I am in the water taking it easy is just not an option for me!  I managed to do 1250m in 30 minutes with a few drills thrown in and I was pleased with that.

Friday – Run

Today is another hot day and we run at lunch time so we went in the woods. 

We have a busy weekend planned so I am planning on doing a long run of about 8 miles but not sure what day I will do it.  I am loving the fact that England is currently enjoying a heat wave and plan on making the most of it.    I just hope it lasts long enough for our planned camping trip!

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