Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I have not done this for a really, really long time and as I am trying to eat clean thought it might be fun.
Peas and Crayons
Peas and Crayons
My friend is doing the whole 30 so I am looking into that right now.  I am starting to cut out stuff and change things but need to use the things I have as I can’t afford to buy a load more stuff this week.

I am feeling so much better today than I did yesterday.  My legs where so heavy after my longest ever run on Sunday and a great swim session on Monday.  It is club run tonight and I am  looking forward to it.

So here is my meals from yesterday

Breakfast was so yummy with a omelette with cherry tomatoes and pesto.

Lunch was a tasty salad

And dinner was not the best but we were using up stuff from the freezer to defrost it.  So I had home made bean burgers that broke up when cooking then and mashed butternut squash.  The BNS was lush, I added a little coconut oil, salt and pepper in and it was sooo good.

Snacks have been clean including sunflower seeds, almonds butter and apple, olives and fruit.  My fav was the almond butter and apple.  Will be having that a lot more.

What is your fav snack?

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