Friday, 18 July 2014

I did it, I did it...

I did it, I did it, I did it and it was fantastic and now I am a triathlete!

So my first ever triathlon was on Sunday and my nerves kicked in Saturday night.  Rewind a little to where I left off on my last post, 10 sleeps to go, and I wsa looking forward to watching the tour de France.  We went and it was amazing.  I need to sort all the pictures out as it was one of the best things I have ever been to watch.

So Thursday 3rd July I had my usual morning swim and lunch time run and all was good.  The Friday we went to Ponteland so I could see where the triathlon was and where I needed to park.

Saturday we went to watch the Tour De France and it really was amazing.  We went to the summit of a climb and I think all in all we walked a very hilly 10miles and stood for hours!  It was fabulous.

Sunday however I felt fine but went to bend down to pick up the laundry basket and my back went into spasm.  It had never happened before.  I was panicking like mad and starting to think that Sunday was not going to happen.  So long story short I couldn’t train until the Thursday.  Where I planned on swimming but got the pool and it was shut so ended up doing a very easy exercise bike session on the evening. Friday I had a lovely long walk and a session with the physio which was great.

So that brings us up to triathlon weekend.  Saturday I went with my niece to register and attend a briefing session.   We also had some amazing cake at a little café in Poneland that I would go back for. 

Once I got home I got all my kit ready and my nerves set in a little bit. 

We had an early night as it was an early start.  I had a bowl of oats and sugar, with a cup of tea and then we set off.  I was feeling very excited.

We had an early start and arrived at the start/transition area at 7am and as I had already pre-registered I went straight through to set up transition.  I really doubted myself and my choice of how to set up but as it looked wet I decided to wrap my towel in a plastic bag.  I also put my bike shoes on top of my trainers with my race belt and bike gloves and wrapped them in a plastic bag.  I had a water bottle for running as there were no water stations on the course.  After the briefing I had an hour and half until my start time so I was going to get changed and have a mouch but the rain had other plans and the heavens open and it poured.  I mean poured it was bouncing.  I went and got changed and my hubby and I along with everyone else decided to watch the swimmers  and cheer them on as it was a pool start. 

The swim was 16 length of a 25m pool and the pool had 5 lanes in it.  My start time was 9.41 and I was in lane 5.  To be honest I was so shocked at the level of people swimming ability.  I had trained so hard  on the swimming front thinking that everyone would be like pros.  There were not and it really put me at ease.  People had clearly not been honest about their swim time as the lanes were very congested and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a good swim in. 
that's my behind!

Near my start time the rain stopped and I warmed up a bit and got chatting to some lovely people in my swim time and then went to the pool edge to wait to be told to get in.  I was counted down and before I knew it I was starting my first ever tri.  There was a little traffic on my swim which was frustrating but better than my friends swim which had been a nightmare for her.  I passed everyone in my lane and manged to get some clear water to go for it.  Then another swimmer joined and she caused me to slow down a few times as she was changing her stroke all the time.  Before I knew it my swim was over and it was to go to tranisition.  The rain had stopped but  I was a little slower than I like would have likes as everything was wrapped in bags but it was the right move as my socks and shoes were dry. 

I got on my bike and onto the open road.  The first road had a lot of parked cars that was annoying but once I got going the roads were very quiet.  The rain started bouncing again as soon as I got my bike which made visibility poor.  I had never ridden in wet conditions so that was new to me and I was more relaxed than I thought I would have been.   The route was lovely and if the sun was shining it would have been beautiful.  The course was undulating with a few little hills that stung the legs a little. 

The rain never let up the whole ride and before I knew it  I was entering the second transition.  This went well but my feet were squelchy and very wet.  My trainers somehow had stayed dry as I had not wrapped them properly and I was well pleased about that.  It had stopped raining and I set off with a slight hill to begin with.  I liked this as it got my legs going. 

The course was one lap and it was on and off road.  I was slow but really enjoyed it which is good for me as I have not been enjoying running recently.  The course finished on a field where the transition area was located. 

I was so happy when I finished and collected my t-shirt.  Everyone I had met was lovely and it was a wonderful first time experience.  I did expected everyone to be like pro’s but actually most where like me and what’s more I didn’t come last!  It was a fabulous experience and I am itching to do another one.  I also can see the advantage of open water starts so a wetsuit is top of my Christmas list!


Sorry about the picture quality i forgot my camera!

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