Thursday, 3 July 2014

10 Sleeps to go....

So only 10 weeks to go and so far I am feeling really excited.  Currently my only fear is getting a flat on the course.  My  posts haven’t been so regular as I have been super busy but all for a good cause.

So where are we

Monday 23 June – Run and swim

Check and check!!  My legs were totally fine from doing the brick session the day before so I was well chuffed.

Tuesday – Run

A tough hilly wood run but was really enjoyable

Wednesday – Nieces birthday

Thursday – Swim and run
Again check and check – I swam in my tri suit and it was really comfy.  I was really pleased.  It was a little tight around the rip cage but really felt good.

Friday – Run and strength session

Check me out, I went for a strength session.  Who am i!!  I was shown how to use all the equipment and left on my own for a little bit.

Weekend – Long run

I did a 7 mile run on Sunday and was worried when I set out as I have not been enjoying running  but it was lovely. I went at my own pace and just took in the views.  My watch wouldn’t pick the satellite up as it was cloudy but I timed it and then used Map my Run to get the distance.
Actually ran 01:22:47 but had watch issues!

Monday 30th July

Swim and run.  My legs were really aching so I did find it hard but I did it  - hurrah

Tuesday – run

This was tough as my legs were heavy but not hurting – bonus!

Wednesday – club run
A very hilly 4 miles and a good chat with good company.  I was so pleased I went as I talked a friend into a triathlon next year!!!

think there will be a few of these!!
This weekend I am on a long weekend to watch the Tour De France and am very excited.  I would like to fit a bike ride and long run it but will see what happens. 

Hope you all have a good one.

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