Monday, 23 June 2014

3 weeks to go....

So where have I been?  Well I have been ill with cold and feeling sorry for myself.  I am now fighting fit (well almost) and raring to go.  It is also only 3 weeks till Tri day.  3 weeks people, 3 weeks and slightly crapping myself!!

So let’s catch up on last few weeks on training.

Monday 9th June – Blaydon Road Race

The weekend was a quiet affair as I wanted fresh  legs for the Monday night run.  It felt important to me to have a good run as I am struggling  on the running front at the moment.  I got the bus up with the running club and that was great fun.  The weather was sunny but at a 7pm start time I was not too worried. 
My club, i must get a vest!

We set off and all was going well.  At about mile 3 I started to feel nauseous and very hot.  I had a zero5 drink with me but couldn’t stomach it at all and was feeling very sorry for myself.   I slowed myself down and tried to just enjoy the atmosphere but I was really struggling. I got a cup of water at the water station and managed two mouthfuls and then gave myself a good talking to.  What were my options, quit, stop and then what or stop twisting and get on with it.  Guess which one I chose!

Yes I finished, it was 5.8 miles and I did it in 61 minutes, one minute behind my friends.  I did it and will do it again. We then enjoyed a nice drink or two at a local bar and it was a late night home.
Not the best picture but a fun one!

Tuesday – Rest after Monday night.

Wednesday – running club
I was aching but managed a good hilly 5 miles.  It was hard but I did it and it felt ok.

Thursday – Things went down hill as I woke up ill with a very sore throat and a cold.  I quickly realised that I would not be doing anything for a few days. 

Friday and Saturday I was still ill but managed to have a lesson on changing my tyre.

Sunday – First brick session
I was apprehensive about going out will not being 100% but I managed a 9 mile bike ride and a 1.5 mile run.  It felt weird but not as bad as I though.

Monday 16th June – Run and Swim
I did a 3.5 mile run but I still was not feeling too good.  So no swim for me but an early night and decided to swim on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – Swim and run
A cycle was planned for Tuesday morning but I went for a swim and was so pleased that I did.  I ran at lunch time and it was really hard going.  I realised that I was still not well and that my body was not happy.  Tuesday night I ended up falling asleep at 8.15pm!

Wednesday – Club run
No club run for me as was not feeling well at all.  Unplanned rest day and it was just what I needed.  It did me the world of good.

Thursday – Swim and run
I went swimming for 40 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I really  enjoyed every stroke and managed 52 lengths (1300m).  Lunch run was a run through the woods and it was lovely and cool although very uneven. 

Friday – Run
Lunch time run was just what I needed.  I finished work early and went to see my eldest niece dressed up for her Prom.  She looked beautiful and was VERY happy. 

So here we are at the weekend just gone and only 3 weeks to go!  I woke up early on Saturday and did my second brick session of 14 miles on the bike and 2 mile run.  I really enjoyed it especially the running afterwards.  So i had a lovely treat at a little cafe in Durham.  Gluten free and lush.

Treat time!!

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