Friday, 6 June 2014

Week 15

This week has gone well and I am enjoying some parts of the training more than I ever would.  My hip was sore and I have backed off the running a little bit and now it is feeling so much better.

Sunday  - Bike ride

I had a quickride out and really loved it.

Monday – Run and Swim

Lunch time run I was very apprehensive but it went well although it was still niggling.  I went swimming and swam with a small group that I really felt have brought me on leaps and bounds.  The warm up was 32 length but I managed 28 in the time and then we are did drills before a 10 lap cool down.  I really enjoyed it and felt like I had worked hard.

Tuesday – Run and cycle

I went for another lunch time run and I could feel some improvement.  I then did a fast 30 minute session on my exercise bike followed by stretches.

Wednesday – Club run

I didn’t go out the with club as I was so worried it would make my hip flare up and I have an 6 mile event on Monday night that I am really looking forward to.  So instead I got home and did a good  45 minute session on my exercise bike.  I should have gone out on my road bike but it was raining heavy and I am just so scared of sliding in the rain .  I need to cover come this, what happens if it is raining in race day?  I can’t say no, hold on I want to do this part on an exercise bike!!

Thursday  - Swim

I got up bright and early and headed off for a swim.  I really enjoyed it and felt like I was working really hard.  I could feel the difference from swimming on Monday.  I would like to fit more swimming in but time is defo against me on that front.

Friday – run and ride

The plan today is to do 3 miles at lunch time and ride when I get home.  The weather is lovely today and we are forecast storms all weekend so think this is the best idea.  I also am doing the Blaydon Race on Monday so ideally could do with resting over the weekend.  I may try and fit a swim in on Saturday morning but will see how things go.

What are your weekend plans?

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