Friday, 2 May 2014

Week 10

Well this week has been stressful and a little mad.  Last week ended with  a great practise 10k run on the Friday and the weekend had planned to finally get on my beloved road bike.  However Friday night my hubby had an accident which meant we spent all Friday night in hospital and slept Saturday.  So my bike didn’t serviced (hubbies job) I am slightly stressed about this.  I also have a 10k coming up so this weeks training has been a little easier on the legs. 

Soooo this weeks training

Sunday 60 min bike session
This was done on my exercise bike and I was so pleased I did it with the stresses of the weekend.

Monday – Run and Swim
Run happened at lunch time and it was a steady 3.5 miles.  Swimming however didn’t .  Again this was part of dealing with the weekends events.

Tuesday – Bike 40 mins
Woke up with a migraine (from stress I think) so no work outs at all but have to listen to my body.

Wednesday – Run
Lunch run and I picked up the missed bike session for 40 mins on Tuesday.

Thursday – Swim and Run
Swim was done and really enjoyed it.  I did 3 x 16 length sessions and managed to do the 16 lengths in a good time.

Friday –Rest Day

This weekend is the Sunderland 10k and I am really looking forward to it.  I looked at the calendar shows that on Sunday it is 10 weeks till the Triathlon and nervous are starting to kick in already.  I have started reading Can’t Swim, Bike or run and really enjoying it.  
I can understand how he felt as I feel the same. My biggest fear is coming last but I suppose someone will have to!

It is another bank holiday weekend and I am really looking forward to it.  What are plans for the weekend?

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