Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sunderland 10k

My first run of the year was done and it was great.  I am a little scared as I realise this is the start of my events this year. 

My Sunderland 10k started with an early morning wakeup call as I was the designated driver.  I woke up hungry so had a bowl of oats with sliced banana.  I was a little nervous about getting lost so set off far too early.  We ended up getting into my friend’s house in Sunderland almost an hour early!!  Better then rushing round I kept saying!

I ate a nakd bar about an hour before the run and was feeling good.  We got to the start line with good time and had time for a wee and little walk about.  Before I knew it we were counting down to the start.  There were thousands of people taking part and it was such a great atmosphere.  The first couple of k’s were easy going and went through the city centre then we went down onto the river front that lead us to the sea front.  This was a lovely section that I really enjoyed running through.  We had a few climbs through a park and past a mini lake with ducks on and back to the open road.  At this point we were at 7.5k and I am not going to lie I was finding it hard.  Hills are my Achilles heal and I find it hard to keep up but I pushed it and managed to keep up.  We then were on the home front and I was struggling and though what is the matter with me. I looked at my garmin and wow we were running faster than normal so no wonder I was struggling.  Finally the arena was in sight and we were feeling great.   We sprinted to the finish line and held  hand as we crossed the line together.

I am the short on with bluw in my bottoms
We finished the race with a PB of 1:05:32 and we were over the moon.  I found out later that I finished 287 out of 498 in my age group.  Not too bad for a plodder! 

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