Friday, 25 April 2014

Week 9

Another week done and apart cycling I am feeling good.  I NEED to get my bike sorted and get on it.  I am feeling so much better and stronger at long last!

I saw this today at Hungry runner girl and love it.
So this weeks training was a little off plan as I it was Easter and I dug the garden over on Friday and Saturday and my legs hurt!
Egg to share, still not opened but will be this weekend i think.

Monday  - Run

I ran a short 3 miles but there was no swim as it was a bank holiday and the pools were closed.  We went bowling instead.

Watch didn't work again.  Not user error this time!
Tuesday – Run and cycle

A short indoor cycle before work but nothing major as had a early start at work.  No run as the weather was so shocking and on the evening I was at the opening of my mum’s art exhibition.  She is exhibiting along with the other students in her class and it was lovely to see her work on display.

Wednesday – Club run

Ran 5.5 miles with the middle group and was so pleased with myself.

Thursday – Swim

I did an early morning swim session and loved it.  I swam 3 sets of 16 lengths doing different drills.  I had really missed my swim on Monday and wasn’t able to fit it in anywhere else so really enjoyed this session.

Friday – 10k

Today was a scheduled practise 10k as we have our first run a week on Sunday.  We did it in just over 1hr 8 mins and it went well.  My legs were aching in the end but we did it.

This weekend sees the annual food festival come to town and I can’t wait.  Saturday is defo going to be a rest day as my legs are already sore but I  am planning a bike session on Sunday and I can’t wait.  I am really looking forward to getting out on it. I just hope everything comes to plan.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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