Thursday, 8 May 2014

Think they are trying to kill me......

Well that is what it felt like last night out with the running club.  I was sure half way through they were trying to finish me off.  After Sunday race I was feeling a little stiff but good so Tuesday’s cycle and 3.5 mile run felt good, strong in fact but last night was a nightmare.   I set off feeling ok but I quickly realised I was in trouble.  We did a mixed terrain of roads, bridle paths, woods and fields.  It was beautiful but hilly and my legs hurt.  I was running with the middle pack and wasn’t the only one struggling thank goodness.  I had to walk at one point only because the fields were so uneven I worried I would break something more than just my pride.  I did wear my watch but my time is soooo bad I was too annoyed to take a picture of it.  Not that I am being dramatic or anything but thought I was going to die!! Ok I am being dramatic!

We covered 5.5 miles and as always I was chuffed I had done.  I got home last night put my slippers on and didn’t want to move.

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