Thursday, 17 April 2014

Week 8

Week 8 already, what the hell!! How is it week 8 already.

So this is a little early but it is Easter weekend and we are off work tomorrow and Monday and I can’t wait.
I am not going to lie this week has been tough again, I think I have had a virus or something as I have suffered headaches and been shattered.  I am going to get my bloods checked next week in case I am lacking in iron.

Sunday – Long run

I ran just under 6 miles and it was hard as I hadn’t been feeling too well and had a really bad headache on the Saturday.

Monday – Run and Swim

I ran a 3.5mile route and it was easier than Sunday and then in the evening I went swimming for 50 minutes and I was tired but did it.

Tuesday – Run and cycle

I slept in and missed my cycle bur ran for at lunch time a trail route that was challenging.

Wednesday – Club run

I ran a VERY hilly 5 mile run with the club thorough some beautiful scenery.  I can’t take my phone for pictures bur it was a beautiful night.
Thursday – Swim

Early morning swim session has been done but my legs were tired from last night. I did a drill session and was so proud of myself for pushing it.  Think I might crash tonight!

Friday  – Cycle and run

Tomorrow session is a cycle and run but I might swap things round a little bit as the gym is shut Friday and Monday so I need to fit a swim in over the weekend.  I might make tomorrow my rest day, Saturday swim, Sunday a bike session and Monday a run.  Not sure yet.

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