Wednesday, 5 March 2014

WIAW # 45

Hello and welcome to WIAW and here is what i ate last wednesday.
Peas and Crayons

I really enjoy looking at my meals from last week and here they are.

Breakfast is still a fav of oats, grated apple, egg white and a dollop of almond butter.

Lunch was a tasty tuna and salad

Dinner was a very tasty sweet chilli, Pork and rice noddle stir-fry

For snacks I have been enjoying 0% greek yogurt, I just tired them and I love them.  How had I not tried these before!
Last week we had a bake sale for a great charity called Daisy Chain and we managed to raise over £100.  I couldn't eat any of them but they looked amazing.


These looked tasty

I really wanted a slice of this
On a Sunday I have been making batches of lunch and preparing meals for the nights when I am busy.

I am trying different snacks and meals to help me feeling fuller for longer and to ensure that I have the energy I need.  The first week of training I swam on an empty stomach and that was a huge mistake.  Last week I had oats in a finished almond butter jar and it made a huge difference. Go oats in a  jar.  Week 2 of training was much better.

Yesterday was pancake day and we indulged in tasty pancakes with Banana and Nutella and lemon and sugar (not mixed together!).  Very yum.

This was the smallest and i hadn't added the nutella yet!
Did you indulge in pancake day and what is your fav?

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  1. Your dinner looks tasty! I've just eaten but feel I could have some of those noodles now! I had my pancakes with lemon & sugar / bacon, maple, syrup & butter / greek yogurt, wild blackberries & honey. Fave is the first one - love tradition :) You can see photos of my pancakes at