Friday, 28 February 2014

Week 2 of training

I don’t know if I mentioned that I am following a training plan (well sort of) and am on week two of the plan.  week one here.

 This is what I have done this week

 Sunday – 45min exerccise bike session. 

This should have been a long run but the weather was so windy I totally wimped out.  This must stop though and I must really get into it.

Monday – Swim and run.

I swam without tumble turns and managed to knock about 5 mins off my 16 lap time.  I think this had something to do with eating a energy bar before I went  and not being starving during the session unlike last Thursday.  I do need to master tumble turns but the pool was too busy.

Tuesday  - Bike session

30 minute on the exercise bike and was scheduled a fast easy session so that is what I did.

Wednesday – Club run

This went wrong as I missed the club session as I couldn’t get home from work in time.  I went on the exercise bike for 45 minutes and to be honest didn’t give it my all as I really wanted to run.

Thursday – Swim and hill run.

I got up nice and early to get the bus to the gym

The session was good and I ate breakfast 1 hour before I was swimming and it was so much better than last week.  I had overnight oats in an finished almond butter jar. The session included 100m swims with tumble turns and 30 seconds rest in between. Each 100m were done hard and fast but  I didn’t manage to do tumble turns each time as  I am just getting used to tumble turns.  I seem to drown myself!

Friday – Today is planned spin class tonight and I am really looking forward to it.  I am also picking up my pull bouy this lunch time and can’t wait.

Tomorrow is my rest day and I am at a hen night. We are going to Zizzi and not sure what I will be eating yet but think a cocktail might be in order. 

It will not be a late night so hopefully I will be up Sunday to attempt a longer run.   I will have to make sure I hydrate well as I get migraines after running if I don’t.

What are your weekend plans? 

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