Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 3 – It’s been emotional

I am not going to lie to you week 3 has been a tough one.  I just have not felt too good all week and felt incredibly tired.  They say that when you stop smoking week 3 is the hardest and when you are on a diet day 3 is the hardest well for me week 3 of training has been hard.  I have just felt so tired and not very motivated.

That said I have pushed myself and still done the training planned for me (well sort of!!!)

Sunday – Long run

It didn’t go as I planned as my garmin didn’t pick up signal at all and my ipod wasn’t charged.  I think I did 4 miles and I had an emergency toilet break at the local gym. I am going to have to get this sorted!  Sorry if this is TMI – I am a sharer!  I turned back earlier than planned but at least I was out there.

Monday  - run and swim

Run went well and was pleased with it.  I really struggled to get out the door for a swim but my hubby made me and I had a fantastic swim.  I was really pleased with myself.  The schedule was to complete 3 sets of 500m (or 20 length) and time it.  The last two sets must be equal to or faster than the first set.  It all went and I swam a mile which made me very happy. 

At the end of the session I was asked if I would like to join the proper  swimmers (that is what my sister and I call them) and do some drills next week.  I am nervous of the idea but think I will give it a go.  I am slower than them so it concerns me.

Tuesday  - fast bike

I got up nice and early and went on my exercise bike I did an easy setting but fast for 40 minutes.  I was sweating at the end and really enjoyed i.

Wednesday  - Running club

This went very wrong!  I was ill when I got in and even nodded off on the settee.  I had a long hot bath while watching a programme on my tablet and was in bed by 9pm with my alarm set for 5.45 to go swimming.

Thursday  - Swim and run

I got up and went and after feeling rotten the day before it was very questionable.  I did my short training session for 40 minutes.  It included 400m using my pull buoy and 600m without.  I also tried to do laps with tumble turns but I am struggling with these.  I scared myself by getting half the pool up my nose which was not pleasant to say the least!

I went running at lunch time and was worried that I still felt tired but actually had a nice run.  We did 3.5 miles at steady pace and I enjoyed it.

Friday – Run and Spinning

We decided to keep the run easy as we all are struggling at the moment and think there is a bug going round.  We did a hilly 3 miles but to be honest there were more down hills than up.

Spinning was good fun but my legs were burning when we did repeated in and out the saddle climbs.  I am pleased I went through as really enjoyed it. Not sure how I am going to manage running after it.  I plan to run home from spinning come the middle of April.

Saturday  - rest day and I did rest.  I also went shopping and finally got my hair cut!

I seem to be getting my eating sorted and not as hungry this week but my stomach is not a happy bunny.  I am still trying a few things and think it might be the thicker yogurts that I have been eating.

How are your training plans coming along and do you have a go to pre-workout snack?


  1. A Sprint Tri is all about floating, hammering, and jogging.... most of the event is the bike. Spend some time on a road bike.

  2. thank you, that is my plan to get out on my bike as much as possible.