Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WIAW # 43

Another week and spring is in the air.  The sun has been shining and there is a little warm in the air.  We have been so fortunate as we have not had any snow and maybe two mornings of hard frost.  We have also been so fortunate to miss the terrible floods in the south of England. 

One of the two frosty mornings me had!
So anyway here we are wiaw again and so quickly.
Peas and Crayons

I have reintroduced almond butter into my life as I have so little restraint when I have it that I have not allowed myself it for a while.  So I am going to try and show restraint and only have one teaspoon a day but we will have to see how that goes!

Frist Day was oats, grated apple and a teaspoon of almond butter mmmmm

Mid-morning snack was banana and 10 almonds

Lunch was a lovely tasty bowl of Butternut Squash and lentil soup with a slice of gluten free bread.

Dinners was lentil sheppard’ pie

it tastes better than it looks - honestly!
I am trying to cut back on the sugar but love a sweet evening treat and had a dark chocolate coated rice cake.

The trainingplan I had planned for this week went a little off as I hurt my shoulder/neck area.  I have a weakness on my right shoulder and it can at times just go into a painful spasm.  I think I caught it before it went completely but it meant no swimming on Monday.  I was not a happy bunny. 

How do you manage portion control on things you love?



  1. You seem rediculously restrictive and pretty disorderd with your eating.
    If this all you ate in a day, and you're training, then you must have slowed your metabolism waaay down.

    1. Thank you for you comment and maybe you are right. i am trying different food combinations at the moment and trying to lose a little weight. I find it hard not to over eat if i don't have any control but i agree that sometimes there is a fine line with control and being too restrictive. If you have any tips about this i would welcome them.