Friday, 21 February 2014

The week so far and being Hangry

All has been coming along nicely on the training front although I am feeling a little tired.  I have not master my fuelling or snacks at all yet and need to find a nice balance of not being hungry and not over eating. 

So the plan for this week has gone great apart from missing swimming on Monday as my shoulder was sore but this has gone now.  I think resting it really was the best medicine.

I went out with running club on Wednesday night and we did a nice hill session and was pleased with my time. 

I did go swimming on Thursday morning and it was in a different pool to normal.  It was good to do lengths with new people and for the first time I had my foot tapped s someone could move forward. This made me chuckle as I had only read about it the day before.

The session I completed was

100m warm up
30 sec rest
16 lengths timed
30 sec rest
150m cool down with some different strokes thrown in.

I enjoyed the whole session and am not sure how many lengths I did in the end but I swam for 30 minutes.  I was really Hangry when I got to work so ended up having two bowls of porridge.  Need to sort my fuelling out!

Tonight I am spinning and not sure how my legs will hold out from the hill session I am doing this lunch time.  I think it is all going to be trial and error for the next few weeks.

I am looking forward to this weekend and going for my first long run of the year on Sunday.  I haven’t decided if I should go with the club or on my own.  I think I will decide on the day.  I know that club running will bring me on more but I am a little scared as I have never done a long run with them.  Saturday is going to be my designated rest day but I think it will take a few weeks to actually get into a routine that I am comfortable.

We don’t have loads planned for this weekend and I think some of it will depend on the weather.

What are your weekend plans?  Any tips on fuelling?

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