Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIAW # 44

Here we are again and this week has been  manic to say the least.

Firstly here are my WIAW
Peas and Crayons

Breakfasts I enjoyed oat, egg and banana pancake with a dash of honey

Lunch was some batch cooked lentil and veg soup.

Dinner was a Choritzo omelet with salad

It was super yum and so quick to make.  Along with cooked choritzo I added cooked onion, pepper and sliced new potatoes.  It was really nice and really filling.

Snacks have been hit and miss if I am honest.  I did enjoy some fresh fruit and a slice of gluten free cake.  We had a cake bake at work and I made a ginger cake. It is not gluten free so I am not tempted.

I realise there are not alot of veggie's and fruit in this list but i did eat fruit throughout the day and had a salad witg my dinner.
I am very much experimenting with food at the moment as with all the training I am really hungry.   I was really pleased with my achievements last week and so far this week I have done all my scheduled training.

Tuesday's early morning exercise bike session, on a VERY old exercise bike!!

Week 2 of my training  plan is
Monday - Swim and run - Done
Tuesday - Bike session - Done
Wednesday - Club run
Thursday - Swim and run
Friday - Bike session/spin class (weather dependant)
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Long run
I do need to find a pre-workout snack and a good post work out meal. Any suggestions are really welcome. 


  1. Great job getting in all the training, I know that can be hard, especially on days when you have to get multiple workouts in. On a side note-I love banana pancakes, they are the best!

    1. Thank you, i am loving increasing workouts so much and can see an improvement in such a short time. I think banana pancakes are one of my fav breakfasts.