Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Feeling

Happy Friday and I am starting to feel like I am back with the land of the living!  My cold and tiredness seems to be going and I can feel my old sparkle coming back.

The last few weeks have been madness both personally and work wise. 

This week my big event at work took place in a fancy hotel and that has taken up most of my week.

I did manage to get out for 2 lunch time runs but due to a head cold there was no swimming for me this week. 

This weekend I am working on Saturday which I am worried will make me shattered as I am planning my first long Sunday run with the running club on Sunday. 

My race number came for the 7 mile run I have entered on the 10th November.  I have never done that distance so feel excited and nervous.

I have made some lovely winter soups this week that I have really enjoyed including, Chicken and potato broth and Red Butternut Squash.

The Chicken Broth (or as I called it a bowl of goodness!)

This recipe is for two people so use the amount of veg you want
200g of potato
1 chicken breast
1.5 pints of chicken stock
1 carrot
1 onion
1 leek
40g of white rice (optional and I only have done this once and not 100% sure I like it)

Chop all veg into very small pieces and put in a pan with the hot vegetable stock and rice (if using).  Bring to the boil and let simmer for 30 mins or until rice is cooked and veg is soft.  Add the chicken breast and poach with the lid on the pan for 15 mins or until chicken is fully cooked.  Take out the chicken breast and shred with two forks.  Add back to the pan and ensure fully hot before dishing out.  I sometimes make the vegetable soup the day before and then add the chicken at the end.  It is a really tasty lunch and tastes really nourishing.

I made the butternut squash soup with purple carrots and that was very interesting colour.

Tastes better than it looks, honest!
What are your weekend plans?

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