Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WIAW # 35

Things have been so mad for me recently and hopefully it will get a little bit better.  Work and home life have sort of blended and hopefully will ease off soon.  I have not had chance to tell you all about my first run with a running club and how terrified I was before I went and how lovely they all where.  I was one of the slowest but made an instant friend who was also new so we stuck together.  I also have not had chance to tell you that I have entered an 7 mile run that scares and excites me!!   I have never ran that distance before and my distance training has been woeful!  I am excited by it all and have found a triathlon that I plan to enter next year.

So that is a very quick round up of the last week or so and here is my fav post of the week thanks to Peas and Crayons
Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

As usual here are my fav meals of last week.

Breakfast  - I am still loving oats and been enjoying it with Banana.

Lunch – Homemade Butternut squash soup

Dinner – Ok this looks gross but it tastes lush and is like a warm blanket.  It is Potato and Cheese pie.  Basically mashed potato, cottege cheese, egg and diced vegetables.  All baked in the oven.  Lovely comfort food.

My fav snacks have been nakd bars and fruit mmmmm

On a weight loss front I have lost 2.5lb and am getting very close to goal now.  I am feeling good and my clothes are fitting so much better.  I am  not setting a low goal as I want something I can maintain and be happy with.

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