Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cleaning weekend and sick day

Well I can honestly say I am not feeling 100% at all today but I am here!!  First things first the weekend.
Friday started with a girls lunch as a wonderful Thai restaurant and I had a gorgeous chicken dish and peppermint tea. 

My friend had this wonderful tea and I was rather green eyed!! 
This weekend was all about cleaning and tidying our home and it as nice to do that. Sunday I woke early and decided to go for a run.  I did 6 miles and felt like I pushed it.  I really enjoyed it and am loving my new watch.
I decided to make my first ever gluten free quiche and it was a huge fail as I could not get the pastry to bind. Every time I  rolled it, it fell apart.  I was gutted.
I used the roasted vegetables to make  a really tasty pasta and red pesto dish.  
I also made some granola squares that come out ok.  Think I will adapt the recipe as was not that impressed.   
Then Sunday night I started to feel unwell and had a migraine through the night.  I am not sure what caused it but I ended up missing work yesterday and to be honest I am still feeling ropy and very sorry for myself.  I have not ran since Sunday and have thrown my toys out the pram!! 
Do you like my wool!
How was your weekend?

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