Friday, 2 August 2013

Holiday time - yippee

I got that Friday feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off for two weeks after today and I am so excited.

Before I get to that my exercise for the week has not been amazing but hay I am going on  holiday!

Saturday – 10k run and enjoyed it. 
Sunday – the rain bounced so  hard that I was too scared to go on my bike.  This needs addressing in time for my tri (ohhhh little clue of future post!)
Monday – Lunch out, dinner out, naught naught!
Tuesday – Lunch run 5k
Wednesday – 40 min power walk
Thursday – Lunch run 5k
Friday – Lunch run 5k

Not sure what I will have time for this weekend.  I am getting my nails done tomorrow morning and then out for the day with  family.

I don’t have an action plan for my weight on holiday as really want to just relax and enjoy myself.  I do intend to eat lots of fruit and seafood while I am away and I know that I will be careful even without thinking about it.

If I am honest it is the alcohol that will cause the damage!  That said as I discovered last weekend I am a total light weight now!  

So while I am away here is a sneak preview of the beauty that I will be enjoying.

you have to have a cocktail on holiday!




Happy holidays to you all!!

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