Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WIAW # 28

I am feeling much better after Monday's or should i say Sunday's naughtiness!

I don’t know where the weeks are going at the moment and we are back to WIAW thanks to Peasand Crayons again!
Peas and Crayons

This week I am getting ready for our holiday next week and I am super excited.

Breakfast has been my usual oats, linseeds and fruit with almond milk mmmm

Snacks have been nothing adventurous as still enjoying fresh melon

For lunch I had a tuna salad.  I have been trying to not eat too much of it as I had really gone of it and it was ok but think I need a longer break from it!

For dinner we had a lovely prawn and rice noodles soup.  I knew that time was short so opted for something quick and easy.  This must have been one of the quiest dinners ever!

Looks messy but tastes amazing!
I must admit I totally could have gone for the gluten free pitta pizza again!

On the gluten free front I have realised that barley and barley gluten has the worse effect on me.  I ate some on Monday  and boy was I in pain by evening.  Pleased I have narrowed it down a bit.

So my holiday I am so excited about it and I will give you a sneak preview on Friday , oh ok here is one!
Also I am closer to my tri or not to tri and i am too tri but more on that later.

I almost forgot to share that at this weeks weigh in i lost 1.5lb and am now at 9st 10lb. It maybe comining off slow but at least it is coming off.  not sure how it will be after my holiday.  Any holiday tips are most welcome.


  1. Good for you on your weight loss. It may be coming off slow, but that's the best.. as it will stay off :)

    1. Thank you, it is so frustrating at time but you are right it is the best way xx