Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ants in our Pants!!!

Where have I been!  It has been so long and I feel like I have not had a minute!

Well I have taken a slightly extended holiday and it has been lovely. Also it has been my birthday so to say I have been busy is an understatement!

My two week holiday to Jersey was fantastic and I will do a proper post about it once I have a little more time but for now here are just a few pictures to keep you guessing.

Some of the mottly Crew!

Battle of Flowers
Elizabeth Castle


I am not in this picture but i did go surfing and will share more!
It was my birthday on Wednesday and last year I got cycling gear this year definitely kept to the healthy theme.  I have been looking at getting a garmin watch or some sort of watch that would allow me to track my running mileage and performance.  I couldn’t believe it when I opened my gift from my hubby and it was a grey and pick garmin. So annoyed I can't find the picture!

I can’t wait to use it but finding the instructions baffling. I am also not sure what site to link up to so recommendations are really welcome. 

I also got a great book that I can’t to get my teeth into.  I have randomly opened it at different pages and been reading about all different foods.

My birthday weekend was just this lovely long bank holiday weekend and it has been fabulous.  All I wanted to do for my birthday was hike up Catbells and the three peaks there.  We planned to go on Saturday with my hubby, friend and her hubby but the weather was shocking.  Instead Angela and I went to a fab vegetarian restaurant and a little shopping.  It was lovely. As ever she really made my birthday special.

My hubby and I then planned to go Sunday and we finally did it. It looked unlikely as we drove over as visibility was so bad but the sun came out and clouds disappeared and it was beautiful.  We have tried and failed to go so many times before that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get there!  We headed up and I couldn’t believe the amount of people there.

The first part was hard going but once we rambled up the first peek it was a lot easier. 

We climber Catbells and took a few pics.

We then went on and got to the highest peak  and we were going to take some pictures and eat our lunch when we were attached by a swarm of flying ants.  They were everywhere and we quickly started descending!  We stopped further along the route and watched other keen walkers as they tackled the swarm of ants.

Not being attacked!!
The views were amazing and after 5 hours of hiking we really deserved a cold glass of cider. 

Bank holiday Monday we went to Helmsley with some family and it was a lovely day out and the weather was lovely.  We went to some walled gardens and then had a lovely walk around the village centre.

It has been a wonderful time all round. Bring on the next adventures.

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