Monday, 29 July 2013

Oh boy I'm rough!!!

Oh yes, I am rough this morning and have officially turned into a light weight!  I have been rocking the low alcohol wine for weeks so last night when I had the hard stuff (normal wine) it went straight to my head and I am rough this morning!!

This weekend has gone over soooo fast.  Saturday morning I woke up early and did a 10k (6 mile) run and really enjoyed it although I did have to make an emergency toilet stop in  a private gym.  Don’t think they were too impressed when I rocked in begging to use their loo!  I got out early enough to miss the heat of the day and I was pleased after my last attempt at a 10k. 

I am thinking about asking for a Garmin for my birthday.  I usually like surprises but I really want one!!!

But maybe in purple as it is cheaper!!
Once I was ready for the day we went to buy some camping stuff for our holiday that is coming up next week and I am VERY excited about. 

For dinner I made a pizza on a gluten free pitta bread.  It was really good as I have been missing pizza.  I had it with some butternut squash wedges.

Sunday morning we woke to bouncing rain and there was no way I was going out on my bike so instead I had a lovely lazy morning and then cleaned the house like a crazed women!  We also visited family and then went out for dinner and this was the start of me feeling rough this morning!  I enjoyed a glass of wine with my meal and then came home and shared a bottle with my husband.  Not excessive but as I have been drinking 4% wine recently it was just too much!  I think my holiday will not consist of drinking wine!  Oh is you exclude the visit to the vineyard!

So how was your weekend?  Are you rough this morning?

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