Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WIAW # 27

So here it is one of my fav parts of the week WIAW by Peas and Crayons.
Peas and Crayons

So as normal this is last weeks food and I have to say I am excited to share the aubergine chips I made.

But first breakfast.

I decided to make a thick and filling smoothie and it was lovely.  I included oats, banana, peanut butter, strawberries, grapes and milk.

My kind of pint!
Mid-morning I am still loving the fresh melon.

Lunch was another tasty salad as we enjoy some actual summer weather here in England.

Dinner was something of a mish mash of very tasty food.

I roasted some new potatoes and butternut squash and made a chilli tomato sauce with chicken to pour in top.  On the side we has Aubergine chips and it all was super yummy. I saw a recipe on Skinnytastes and adapted it as being extra good at the moment. 

taste nicer than they look - honest!

I chopped a aubergine into chip sizes , dipped in egg white and rolled in gluten free bread crumbs.  I roasted them in a hot oven on an oil sprayed baking sheet for 10 minutes, then turned them over for another 10.  They were a big hit and I will be doing them again. 

I have seriously been thinking about my dream to do a triathlon and think it is time to take some action.  I didn’t tell a soul that I wanted to do one and now keep telling people in the hope that it actual comes to something!!  I have decided to pick my race for next year and go onto  a forum to get some beginners advice. I am hoping I can be advised on a training book.  I have also been told that there is a club near me and that they are very friendly and helpful.  I feel it is a now or never time and I pick now, well next year but you know what I mean.  The last race in my area is September so it will have to be a next year adventure! There are people who are negative and say I will not do it or laugh at the suggestion.   Well that has only fuelled the fire and so what if I come last as long as I tri!!
Before I forget at this weeks weigh in I lost 0.5lb.  To be honest i was disappointed as i have really been keeping to plan and after last weeks very unexpected gain I was hoping for a good lose.  My stomach has really started playing up again and I know that has a big effect on me. I think I have found the trigger but will see soon.
Exercise really helps with my stomach and I am so pleased I can do what I want and still happy that I got out on my bike at the weekend.

Do you have anything that you really want to try?

Also have you tried any new recipes that you have loved?

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