Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday again!

Monday already and I don’t know where the weekend has gone to.

Saturday was filled with appointments and food shopping oh and cleaning.  It went so fast!

Sunday started really well with a 15 mile bike ride and I really enjoyed it. The weather has been so hot and sticky but Sunday was much cooler so I was excited to hit the road.  Not literally!!

I had a very tasty breakfast or oats with fruit and peanut butter.  I am not sure if peanut butter is aggravating my stomach so might have to leave off it for a little while.

Then off I went.  Where I live is very hilly and I always find it hard to get going but once I warm up I just love it.  I stopped at the top of a hill to have a gel and admire the view.

Then I rode past Raby Castle. It is a fast downhill with nowhere to stop so had to get this picture from the web.

I then looped home and was out for 62 minutes and covered 15 miles.

After lunch we went to shopping to get a new camera for our holiday.  I am sooooo excited about going!!

For dinner last night we Spanish Omelette with salad and it was lovely as ever.

We then watched Chris Froome win the Tour De France.  Another british riding winning.  He was really amazing and his hill climbs were fantastic. I am really pleased for him.
Also exciting news that Princess Kate is in labour.  We are all excited about this.


  1. Hi there! good going with the bike ride! I am terrible with hills on bikes (and running!) and tend to avoid as much as I can (clearly a bad strategy for improvement!) :)

    1. Thank you. I think i like in one of the hillest places in the world!! Not really but am in a valley so can't avoid them. I am rubbish at running hills and run with two other girls who are amazing at it. So unfair!