Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WIAW #27

I love WIAW by Peas and Crayons.  I love waiting to see what she has posted about and then the excitement of posting my own eats from the week before.  I love looking at what other people have posted and the sense of community I get from it.  Some peoples food looks truly amazing and I often wonder how people have the time to make them! 
Peas and Crayons

My breakfast was inspired from a breakfast that I have seen on many blogs and loved it.

Overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar. Heavenly!!

I would have NEVER eaten a nut butter before and am so thankful to have been introduced to it.  I always thought nut butter = fat belly!!  I know this is not true unless you add mindless eating of nut butter in front of it!  Tina from Carrots n cake loves it and she is super fit(in a none purvey way!!!).

Mid-morning I enjoyed a lovely chocolate orange Nakd bar.

Lunch in the office again was a lovely slice of pastryless quiche with fresh salad.

Mid-afternoon I have been rocking the fresh melon and it is lovely at the moment. I am not the biggest melon lover but it has been tasty.

Dinner was a tasty King prawn and brown rice stir-fry.  We have had this a few times recently but still very tasty nom nom.

Dessert this week I had a lovely chocolate mousse that was very naughty but nice.  I need to start looking at some new homemade family meals that are not too expensive
Well in all honestly I went to Weight watchers last night and I am so confused.  I have not done anything different but somehow gained 2lb.  The 2lb I lost last week, i really don't understand it at all!  If anyone can give me some advice that would be great. I feel very down about it today.

What do you love about WIAW and what have you gained from it?


  1. Good day of eats here! They just brought out a range of NAKD bars here in Australia, hopefully the trend will take off as there are few bars with such clean ingredient lists out there!

    1. I agree and they are lovely. They just released a banana crunch one here in England and it is lush.

  2. Please don't make yourself crazy with weight numbers. My body can fluctuate nearly four pounds one ONE DAY! Yeah. Look at the "trend" over several weeks. Using measuring cups/spoons for a few meals to check you are eating the portions you think you are could be helpful, and as much daily activity as you can- walking, stairs, parking father away etc.
    you can do this!!

    1. Thank you for the advice and i am sticking at it as you are right i can do it.