Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Again!

Another week  has blown by and this week I am defo feeling really good.
I lost 2lbthis week and that has brought me to a total of 7lb lose (half stone) and I am so pleased with myself.  What I have noticed is that the weeks I do an extra session on a weekend is the weeks I am losing.  This really motivates me to exercises and my bike ride last weekend must have helped.
Fatter face (from cocktail weekend)
Happy 7lb lighter face!!
So this weeks exercise sessions  have been a little less that normal as unfortunately I have been really busy this week.  Will defo have to get my finger out to make up for it.
Saturday – Bike ride
Sunday – Rest day
Monday – Swim (missed running as had lunch meeting)
Tuesday – Lunch run
Wednesday – Rest day (think I had lazy-itist as should have done something after work!)
Thursday – Lunch Run
Friday – Unplanned rest day as hurt my foot
This weekends plan is to run Saturday morning and bike ride Sunday.  This might change as I will work around what day hubby wants to bike ride.
This weeks was my littlest sisters birthday and we went out for dinner.  I didn’t get a any pictures apart from me sitting in the sun shine waiting for everyone arriving!
I am happy honest!
Cooking this week has not been so exciting and not sure why. Last night I did make a lovely King Prawn and Brown Rice stir fry and it was lovely.
What are your weekend plans and what keeps you motivated to lose weight?

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