Friday, 19 July 2013

Weekend Time!!

Another week gone by and here in England we are having lovely weather.  After the last two summers being very wet and nasty, this really  make such a refreshing change.  It has also given me the opportunity to get my summer dresses out!

So this week’s exercise were

Saturday – Run 3 miles and then my legs stopped!!! We also had a walk at beautiful Tynemouth.
Sunday – Rest day and cleaned like a crazed women
Monday – Lunch run and walk with my sister
Tuesday – Rest day unplanned
Wednesday – Evening walk with hubby
Thursday – Lunch run and swim (l love it)
Friday – Lunch run

All our lunch runs have been in the woods as it is too hot to run on the roads in the heat of the day.  The woods is a shorter but harder run.  It is very hilly and I can really feel it in my legs.

This week I have been lazy cooking and made things that are quick and easy.  I think it is the heat.  Some if the meals I have made are;

Gluten free burgers with Butternut Squash chips.

Aubergine and chickpea bake with  rice.

All my pics are going in the wrong direction and no idea why!!
I also enjoyed a small glass of organic cider and it is lovely.  Dry, crisp and very refreshing

This weekend is busy with eye appointment, haircut and Sunday hopefully a lovely long bike ride.  Very excited about that.

I am also excited that I fitted into my summer dress that was too tight before –yippee

I look creepy!!
What are your weekend plans?

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