Monday, 8 July 2013

What goes up must come down!

What a lovely weekend we have this weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up to beautiful bright sunshine and the promise of a bike ride.  This is a big deal for me as although I have been out on my bike a tiny bit this year my hubby has not been out.  So the idea of going together warmed my heart.  I can not explain how happy this made me.

We got our bikes checked and prepared.  I made eat of us jam sandwiches each (mine gluten free), packed an energy gel and a nakd bar each.  We got changed and ready for action.  The first part of the ride was a slow long uphill section that was hard and my legs were still aching from Friday’s trail run.  We turned off and cycled a lovely downhill section before evening out.  As we were approaching our first pit stop my front tyre blow.  I was proud of myself for not panicking at all.  We changed my inner type (ok I watched!!) and then headed on our way.

We did stop for are sarnies and here is a horrible picture of me eating sarnie.

What is going on with my hair and where is my smile!!  I was having fun honest.
After that pit stop we did two big climbs before an epic downhill that I think I might have screamed all the way down!!  I wish I had more pics but my hubby had my camera. 

We got home showered and I potted in the garden before I made our treat meal.  Actually I totally cheated and bought a Spanish chicken and potato dish from Marks and Spencer’s.  It was gorgeous but very high in points.

We enjoyed that  while we watched the highlights of the Tour De France and Froome win his first stage and get the yellow jersey.
Sunday was a total different day.  We went out with my mother in law in the morning and had lunch out with her.  We got home just as the tennis had started and then my sister called with her two youngest and we played in the garden for hours.
After they left we celebrated Andy Murray win Wimbledon and then enjoyed the sun shine.  We ate our dinner outside and I enjoyed a sneaky couple of gin and tonics. 

How was your weekend?

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