Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WIAW # 19

Peas and Crayons
It is that time of the week again and one week into my Weight watchers journey.  After my Cocktail weekend in Edinburgh I was not expecting much.  I do think I was better than what I would have been if I had not joined last week.   So my first weigh in I weighed in at 10.2 (142).  Half a pound gain.  Not too bad when I think of those lovely cocktails I drank!

For Breakfast i had one of my usual, oats with banana.  I am limiting the amount of banana I am having at the moment but it really is so filling. 


Lunch I made a tasty butternut squash soup.  We are having a cold snap over here in England.  Will we ever get a summer?  We have not have a very good one for years!!
Dinner was a mish mash of food and so good.
Spanish inspired Prawns
I roasted some little potatoes, butter nut squash and onion.  While they were roasting I made a very basic tomato sauce.  I used half a carton of passatta, crushed onion and chili.  I added a dash of oil, then added the chili and garlic and cooked for a minute then added the passatta.  I did add a little dash of stock to keep it from going too thick.  For the last minute I added some king prawns and cooked until warmed through.  I dished out the raosted vegtable and poured the sauce over.  It was soooooo good.  We both loved it.  I served it with some sugar snaps.  My hubby would have liked a little bread to go with it but i liked it as it was.
Snacks seem to be the same at the moment of gluten free rice cakes and cottage cheese or hummus on a morning and yogurt with fruit on an afternoon.  I would love some ideas.
Only 6 weeks till our 10k and I am really enjoying all the training.
What is your favourite mish mash meal?


  1. Your dinner sounds unreal! Glad to hear your 10k training is going so well too <3

  2. It has just turned to freezing here in Australia too! I love cooking up tofu with a bunch of grated vegetables, cooked brown rice and then cover it in sweet chilli, it is a strange mish mash but works really well!

    Those cocktails you had looked totally worth it!

    1. I love sweet chilli sauce and the cocktails were totally worth it.
      It so cold here I am sat in my winter wolly cardi!!!

  3. Your dinner looks so good! This is my first time to your blog, and anyone who appreciates a good cocktail weekend is great in my book :)

  4. Oats are my go-to breakfast as well. I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who eats it all of the time! Happy WIAW. Looking forward to more posts from you. :)