Monday, 13 May 2013

Cocktails for 10!

Well I am back from a lovely, fun filled, weekend in Edinburgh with the girls. 

Saturday we met up at the train station and proceeded to get on a cup of coffee spilt on my shoe and then jump on the wrong train!!  It was such a laugh we had to get off at the next station and run to the right train. 
Not the actual one i had as mine was goats cheese and olives and very yummy.
We got to Edinburgh and had a lovely gluten free pizza from Bella Italia.  We then got dolly up and went for our cocktail lesson.  We had such a ball.

We were all greeted with a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

We all took turns to make a cocktail and i made a cosmopolitan. 

I had to set light to orange peel and that freaked me!!

My favourite by far was the Mojita. mmmm

We did a little sight seeing on the Sunday morning and got the train home at lunch time. 

All in all a fab weekend.

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