Friday, 17 May 2013

Weekly Round up and hot date!

Well this week has been a funny week really as I start a new job on Monday.   I am so excited and ready for the change and challenge.

So this week (5 weeks till 10k) my training has been

Saturday and Sunday  - Cocktail making!!!
Monday - Lunch run and swim
Tuesday  - Lunch run
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - Lunch run and date (no spinning)
Friday - No run as leaving lunch but tomorrow we are planning on a long run (the longest we have done!)

I am finding running a little easier at the moment and my new trainers are bedding in great.  I do feel that my cycling is suffering and this needs to be changed.  I really love cycling and missing it greatly.  I am hoping that this weekend will see my love affair with my bike return!

So my hot date with my hubby was a meal at Zizzi and then watching the Great Britain Cycling tour in Durham.

We went to Zizzi and I ordered their Insalata Super Zucca salad.  It was a salad with lentils, mint, goats cheese, butternut Squash and other goodies.  It came with dough sticks that I didn't eat.  It was really tasty and fresh but there was very little goats cheese in it.  I would about a tea spoons worth if that.  I was disappointed with that but it was very tasty and the mint was lovely.

Once we had finished we went to watch the race and it started just after we got there.  I took some pics but they are not great because of the speeds they were going.

We ended up at the area where the team cars where and the atmosphere was fabulous.  I loved the energy and watching the races get fluids and changing bikes.

Kristian  House won as he did the previous year.

Kristian House Kristian House  of Great Britain leads the pack during the professional criterium race  during 2013 OCBC Cycle Singapore on April 26, 2013 in Singapore.
I really enjoyed it all and can't wait to watch another.

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