Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WIAW # 16

It’s that time of the week again so here are my eats for last Wednesday
Peas and Crayons
As I said last week I have started calorie counting using ‘My Fitness Pal’ and I have lost another 1lb.  Also after my whine on Monday my neck/shoulder is getting so much better and I am starting to feel happier.  I was so down and the lack of exercise has been really hard.  Today I am starting to feel like my good old self and itching to get out on my bike.
I miss you xx
I am still diggin the oats and almond milk on a morning!!  Boring for you lot but oh so good.  I am tend to have them with banana or  a little fruit. 

Oats, almond milk and banana are 257 calories
This is with Blueberries but i had banana!!

I have also been trying some organic yoghurts as I am not keen on eating the fat free or low fat yoghurts that a full of sweetener.   I have a Yeo Valley raspberry yoghurt for 127 calories and it was thick and creamy.  So different from the watery diet ones.  I think there may be no going back now!!  I have greek yoghurt and honey to try next and can't wait!

For lunch I made some butternut soup with black eyed beans and it was ok but not the best.  I definitely prefer making it with red lentils as the flavour is much nicer and richer.  The soup came out at 227 calories but not sure I worked out the calories in the butternut squash correctly.

4 pieces of pasta that i pinched from my hubby!
It is filling and really tasty.  I think a few capers and olives would have really enhanced the flavours.  The meal was 185 calories.

I snacked but did not take a picture of some fruit and I had a slice of Victoria sponge and that came in at a whopping 320 calories!!  All in all I had the full 1200 calories but am aiming for 1200 to 1500 calories a day and not getting too upset if I go over. 

I had such a lovely time at Tynemouth on Sunday that I am so excited for this working week to be over.   We are off for two weeks and will be camping and watching the ‘Tour of Britain’.

Go Wiggo!!
My  Autumn goals are here as Autumn is definitely on it’s way.

Through the woods at work

Do any of you calorie count and does it work for you?


  1. Wow, your dessert cake looks delicious and worth every bite!

  2. I agree with Jessie's comment! Happy WIAW

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place to bike! And your cake is so pretty!:)

    1. I live in rural north east of England and it is beautiful. The roads are really quite too. The lake district so beautiful and challenging to ride.

  4. That picture of Tynemouth is so awesome. I hope you have an amazing time!

  5. YUM! Zucchini spaghetti sounds good!

  6. Your dessert cake looks amazing along with the rest of your day. I count calories, not ALL the time, but I think it helps me to make sure that I'm not eating too MUCH or too LITTLE.

  7. Yummy eats! :) The cake looks amazing! Can I have a slice?? :D

  8. That cake is gorgeous! Love the powdered sugar design :)

    Happy WIAW!

  9. Victoria Sponge is my favorite! Yours is beautiful. I know when I make it I eat a lot more than just a slice if there is any left after my family sees it!

  10. That raspberry yogurt looks really good! :)

  11. What is in a Victoria sponge cake?

    1. It is a plain sponge with jam and butter icing in the middle. it is really easy to make and it is my nieces favourite.