Thursday, 6 September 2012

Autumn Goals

It is not officially Autumn but it definitely starting to look like it is and the leaves are starting to change to the beautiful golden colours.  I really love autumn and think it is the fav season.

In summer I set some summer goals and I think it is time to reflect on those and sent some autumn goals

My summer goals were

Jubilee Weekend
  • Go Camping (as much as possible!) – We went for the Jubilee weekend and in July
  • Have fun filled bbq – no bbq all summer as it has been the wettest year in 100 years in England
  • Celebrate my birthday with good friends and fab food – Had a lovely tasty birthday
  • Participate in a ‘Run in the Park’  - Did not happen but had some lovely lunch time runs.
  • Plan and enter my first race – fail
  • Climb Cat Bells in Lake District – Doing it next week and am SUPER excited!
  • Get over my fear of Protein powder and give it a whirl (this is weird I know) – No still scared!
  • Go to the Jersey Ice Cream Parlour and eat lots of ice cream (without feeling guilty) – Have had some nice ice cream and not felt guilty
  • Go to a local farmers market – I have been to one but it was not very good so looking for some others.
  • Grow my first lot if veggies (some are growing in the garden and not looking too good!) – Ha all but my mini carrots died or were eaten by slugs!  Carrots are very mini but they are orange!!

I did do some lovely cycle rides that I really enjoyed. My favourite was the 21 mile ride I did on a lovely sunny Sunday morning. 

So new autumn goals. I don’t think I am going to try and set loads but realistic and achievable goals.  I am counting autumn as September to end of November
  •  Do something that scare and excites me
  • Get out on my bike (weather permitting)
  • Go spinning at least once a week (not including holiday weeks)
  • Try a new recipe every week
  • Run at least 3 times a week
  • Keep calorie counting and lose weight (not setting amount)
Please don’t think I am really sad but I am also going to

  • Cross stitch some Christmas cards (have done one already)
  • Learn more crochet skills and crochet some scarves for gifts
  • Plan Christmas family day (every year I have 6 of  my 8 nieces and nephews over for a Christmas activity and fun day.  The other 2 are too little at the moment)
Ok I think that is realistic and not too hard but do.  I am looking at challenges for next year too as definitely wimped out this year.  I am looking for a mini tri and a few organised bike rides to enter. 

Have you set any autumn goals and if you have what is the one you are looking forward to the most?

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