Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekend round up and goals for September.

So I haven’t posted for a few days as I just have not felt up to it.  My neck/shoulder went from bad to worse and then I reacted to the pain killers.  My usual answer is to pedal my blues away (and we have even had the weather for it) but unfortunately my neck/shoulder has stopped all activity apart from walking.  When I don’t exercise I always feel full of doom and gloom.

So today I am trying to be more positive and optimistic and forward thinking.  It is September after all and I am on holiday next week for two weeks.  I can not wait.  More on that later.

So last week my fitness goals were not met and I am not setting any for this week.  I am taking it as it comes but planning on my future goals for the month.

First things first the weekend.  The weekend was lovely but I just didn’t feel fantastic.  Sunday we went to Tynemouth and it was lovely.  The sun was shining and everyone was in a fantastic mood.  We walked from Tynemouth to North Shields and it was lovely watching the children playing on the beach and in the sea.  

It is the end of the Coast to Coast route so there were allot of cyclists about and I was very green eyed, wishing I was one of them.

It was even hotted then Whitby last week and just as lovely.

Like I said I am not making any fitness aims this week but in a positive I lost another pound this week and now weigh 139lb.  Calorie counting is working and I am trying hard not to get obsessed.  I am trying to stick between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. I am still using the 'My fitness Pal' app and it is working well for me.

Earlier this summer I set a summer wish list and one of them was to walk Catbells and we are planning on doing that next week. 

I am going to set a few goals for September but as I have two weeks holiday planned it will not be so easy.

  • Lose any amount of weight 
  • Get out on my bike and concur previous 21 miles
  • Get back to spinning and running
  • Cook a new recipe each week (this will be an on going goal until Christmas – ooh maybe I need an autumn wish list – mmmmm Liking this idea)
  • Do something that challenges and scares me
  • Relax
I am planning of catching up on some of the exercise I have missed as soon as my neck is better.

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